Saturday, 26 October 2013


Belated, but here's the update about my interview. I was nervous! I am never nervous, so I don't know how to deal with being nervous. Ok, true, I do get nervous: I'm the stage fright type: freaking out behind the scenes but rocking on stage. And this was the other way round. So I don't know. I didn't manage to show them who I was, and I worry. But, now we wait, nothing I can do anymore.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tomorrow is interview day!

So much has happened the last few weeks!! I don't remember if I've blogged or not... guess not then. I have my interview tomorrow. Am I nervous? Well, surprisingly not very much. I prepped for the interview this morning in the train at 7:30 AM, decided once again I'm ready. This evening I read through some stuff, laughed at some responses on a forum about what people expect from a GP and checked the train schedules. That left me with the rest of the day to fret about the rest. Seriously, I've thought longer and harder about my outfit than about why I want to be a GP. (The answer to that is simple: that's the only doctor I really see myself becoming. Of course, there's more to that, but... spoilers...) Turns out my closet full doesn't contain a single combination suitable for this chore, also turns out that close-fitting berry/jewel coloured tops aren't in fashion in Holland to go with my black trousers and tweed-like vest/blazer cross and my ruby lucky jewellery. After a few hours I've found a simple wine coloured top. (Seriously, everything looks like the colours have been washed either too much or with new black jeans. And it's wide. I don't want to go to the interview wearing a tent!! Or something that's absolutely too large... Now I remember why I hate shopping!! I don't understand retail.) Had my hair cut because this seemed a better moment than next week, spent some time pondering on wether or not to wear nail polish. Did my nails in the end, simply because that red nail polish last week wasn't a great idea, and yellow nails don't look too fresh. Am pretty impressed with my manicuring skills. I've finally figured out, at age 27, how to do nail polish without making a mess. Got my documents sorted. Couldn't find passport photos, but I had handed them in digitally. I have no idea where they went, last time I had them I was scanning them for the application. Photocopied diplomas. Including my secondary school diploma, but I really need the bit with my marks on it, which I couldn't find. Why do you need it, you may ask. Well...I'm South-African. I need to prove I speak my languages. (As a native English speaker, I still need to take an IELTS if I want to work in England, for example, because I have no papers to prove it. I do have the papers to prove that I am proficient in Dutch: my secondary school diploma. I never took the Dutch version of the IELTS. I suppose I'll have to prove I speak Afrikaans as well...) Got my proof of registration as a doctor too. Everything. My Dutch passport. And now I need to get my beauty sleep!!