Sunday, 4 August 2013

So, here we go!

Kind of 'scary' really, to think that I'm doing the 'career' thing now. It's August, I'm at work, and I am working towards a future. A grown-up future. I'm busy with the preparation for GP training, well, the application for it. The boy and me are talking future dreams, he's joking too enthousiastically about getting me pregnant to not take it seriously. Some men are father-types, he's one of them. I'd have to pry my theoretical child from his arms just to give it a kiss. I'm also realising that I'm very likely going to be the breadwinner one day... All very grown-up and very responsible! (Isn't it wonderful that we live in an era where, albeit sometimes somewhat reluctantly, men can be carers if that's what they want to be and women can be providers if that's what they're best at?) Not that any of this is really new. I knew I'd be facing these things when I was 18 and decided that it was a brilliant idea to go to med school. I'd never seen myself as a housewife. (Let's just say that I'm a little domestically challenged). Motherhood always was a future possiblity, and I've been shouting things about it ever since I arrived in Holland as a South-African teen and people started asking me 'but what about the children?' when my answer to the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up' didn't involve being a (part time) SAHM. (What do you mean, what about the children? You don't ask the boys that, do you?). I've thought out the whole GP thing in my final year, and even planned it out. Then things happened, and I started regretting not being a fashion designer... And now it's all very real and very close. And that's kind of scary.

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