Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Oh My.

So... I have been sort of MIA for a while. Just, randomly, I had nothing to say. I also had survived, somehow, my first year as a doctor, and after that it just sort of becomes a given thing.

My world has changed. I have moved, I have fallen in love, I have learned so much about life. Important, too. In fact, I am only marginally blonde these days. Perhaps I should change my user name? Turns out my 'natural' blonde hair is actually dark ash, growing out light thanks to the Pill. THAT explains why my hair never seemed to suit my face!

My current job is filled with fantastic stories. The problem is, I can't write about them without risking compromising patient confidentiality: my job is uncommon, my patients are uncommon. I work in acute psych, still, differentiating plain crazy from playing crazy and figuring out the perpetual puzzle of How To Get Through Today.

It is, however, time for a new chapter in my career. Specialist training.


Generalist training.

I still find it odd that training to be a General Practitioner is called 'specialist training'.

"A general practitioner is a doctor who keeps knowing less and less about more and more areas until (s)he knows nothing about everything. A specialist, on the other hand, knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing"
-quote taken from 'Rude Health' by Adrian Besley-

And now I'm looking forward to reading about some people I haven't read about in a while!