Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring has sprung!

That's all, really. I'm so excited! Spent about half an hour trying to convince my sister that the sun isn't strong enough to make any difference to my skin tone yet; spent most of the afternoon outside trying to read the NTvG (Dutch medical journal) whilst listening to my sister's interesting choice of radio channels... just for the sake of it.
It was about 15 degrees outside; but my parents' back garden is protected from the wind and with the sun baking the brick it gets pretty warm. I haven't tanned a bit though. Despite being a blonde, I very much have a strong skin type 2... and I very rarely get sunburnt.

(Which leads me to the puzzle of SPF-containing skin care products: nowadays they contain SPF 15. In the past I've used an innocent facial cream with SPF 4 throughout the Dutch summer; and my face was really pale compared to the rest of my body. How am I supposed to get my natural vitamin D through SPF 15? SPF 15 is what I'd use in South-African summers! I fully believe in the healthy powers of safe sun exposure; but no sun exposure is damaging too!)

Anyway. I'm just really happy about spring!

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  1. I'm excited about summer too. I have meat marinating for my bbq as I type this...mmmmm.