Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tips for Junior Doctors part 7: sometimes medicine is really, really easy.

Sometimes medicine is really easy. 

Exhibit 1:

60-year-old lady with ridiculously long medical history and a 3-page drug list (requiring 15 minutes to write prescriptions for upon admission) and UTI is somnolent; family is really worried. 'She's like this all the time now'. 

A glass of lemonade fixed her hypoglycaemia.

Exhibit  2:
50-year-old male with chest pain, nausea, vomiting and a heart rate of down to 36/min. 

Asking the family to keep talking to him persistently raised the heart rate to a safer 45-60/min, while I waited for my labs to return. 

Explaining to him that he is most likely suffering from good old stress, but we need to do a stress test (har..har..har..) and repeat some bloods just to make sure, made him a lot better right before my eyes. He literally stopped sweating and put his (still empty) puke bowl away. Heart rate 60. 

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  1. So family raises your heart rate and stress. Can you classify a spouse as a medication in some situations.