Sunday, 20 November 2011

Such a clean fellow!

Spent my Friday afternoon in Emergencies. I love Emergencies; have I mentioned that? Oh, yes, I have. A few times. My Patient Of The Day wasn't an Emergencies patient, due to a viral outbreak all 112-calls have been forwarded to another hospital and we had very few medical emergencies. I saw a guy with probably a large psychological component in his complaints on the surgical ward instead.

And I watched the hassle-bassle of the Emergency Department going on. There were a few interesting patients for the surgeons. One of them presented with a shampoo bottle up their bum. Bottom-side first, of course. Not only had he managed to insert a normal-sized shampoo bottle into his anus, he walked around with it inside of him for a few days before working up the nerve to go to Emergencies. It showed somewhere in the middle of his abdomen on X-ray. I always thought the colon propulsion went toward the exit... I don't know the end of the story though, I do know that he wound up in the OR.

Gentlemen, should the need arise to insert a bottle into your anus, please, attach a string first so you can pull it out if it 'slips in too far!'


  1. There are some things in this world that I just don't understand. Never in my life have I thought "Hmmm....shampoo bottle....anus....why not?"

  2. Oh my goodness. Are you for real? A regular size bottle of shampoo, not travel size? That's unbelievable.

  3. Haha doesn't suprise me at all. I heard that in Maastricht they have a special "vitrine" for things coming from people's anus.. :P