Monday, 15 August 2011

Medicine drugged my creativity

Or maybe just my inspiration.

See, I used to be a talented artsy kid. Part of this artsiness already went slumbering in my teens, I guess, maybe. But still, I've made some pretty nice things. But it wasn't all dead, I was known for my style in medical school.

I also used to be a talented writer. People liked reading what I wrote because I wrote it well, even if I only wrote about something rather uninteresting.

But nothing seems to work right any more. I don't even look as nice as I used to; in part because there's no point in looking pretty for dreary hospital work. I'm not happy about my writing, my painting for a friend failed and even the tray I'm pimping instead just doesn't have it ...

And I don't really know how to revive it. It's like I have forgotten how to create.

Something is missing from my life!

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  1. Sad, but oh so true. Medicine does often destroy a person's desire to create or to do anything beyond what is absolutely necessary. I've been reassured by people who've finished the training phase that it does come back - I certainly hope so!