Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tips for Junior Doctors part 3: remember everything.

I'm on a ward with mostly oncology and gastroenterology patients. (However, pretty few gastroenterological oncology patients, they tend to hang out at the Colon Cutters). It's not my favourite ward to work on; patients are complicated, time demanding and everything else is chaotic because I have 3 different supervisors. Apart from that, a certain nurse drives me nuts.

But that aside; I made the mistake of forgetting to fill out the paperwork to send a CD with a scan to another hospital. To err is human, but to be a doctor is to be superhuman, you see.
Ever since the oncologist who ordered me to fill out said paperwork keeps on telling me to write everything on my list.
To the point where simply prescribing the drug then and there would be easier than writing it down and then prescribing it.

And then I have to go find the nurses to do stuff; and they're always nowhere to be found.


  1. So, so true. Remembering the six hundred details that you're required to remember on a given day is one of the most difficult (and underappreciated) aspects of medicine.

  2. Time management and mental filing of everything that needs to be done during the shift is one of the toughest skills.

    There will be a love hate relationship with the nurses throughout your career. However, I think this happens between all the disciplines in health care.

  3. Extremely true. I just got done rambling off crazy details about this guy including his labs and the attending goes: "What does he do for a living?"

    I had totally asked him but I went blank.
    The way the attending shook his head at me you would have thought I had forgotten something IMPORTANT.