Sunday, 24 July 2011

My return and my primary school; they're completely correlated.

Oh, by the way, I'm returning to the Blogosphere. Just so you know.

Also, just so you know, I'm fascinated by the random search terms that lead to my blog.

I'm nearly done with my apartment, was just sorting out my jewellery. I found some stuff I haven't seen in years, including my very first pair of stud earrings. I had my ears done when I was 8. They're blue, to match my blue school uniform.

Speaking of which, my grade 3 teacher still teaches grade 3. I used to be scared of her, she was a notorious slapper. In hindsight, she was fair and only hit you when you actually did something wrong. For the record, in the 1990s South-Africa, physical punishment of children was the most normal thing in the world. The school as a whole has gotten smaller. It's not a private school. They have 3 classes per year now, we had 5 and we were already somewhere between 30 and 40 in a class.
In Africa we didn't get the whole pedagogic schooling European kids got. We went to school to learn; child rearing was our families' job. I got homework from grade 1 onward, and from grade 4 onward I was responsible for getting myself to class and making sure I got the right books with me AND that my homework was done. (At this point, we were past Mandela, and physical punishment was technically not allowed, but detention was allowed...) Imagine the shock I went through when I set foot in a primary school here! I was turning 12, and the kids didn't get homework, they didn't have to bring books to school... they just had to bring their food and drinks for breaktime... which was placed near the sink so they don't lose it. The result was that I dropped out of primary school, skipped a year and went to secondary school.

Many of the teachers still work there. A bunch of others look like they're my age. Ah, the joys of internet! All I wanted was a pic of my uniform, to demonstrate it's blue-ness.
Luckily this bloke used his daughter in one of his flicks, and coincidentally he also sent his children to my school (the school's in the background!)

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