Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Good Work Out

I'm a runner turned gym bunny.

(And while typing this, I'm watching BBC's Robin Hood; and wondering how likely it is that his Merry Men had crucifixes tattooed on their arms in medieval times....)

Anyway. So I'm a runner turned gym bunny who also suffers from sub-clinical ADHD. Apparently.

I miss running. I miss being outside, but not as much as I would have if we had an actual summer this year. I was at the gym, doing the Fit and Fun Circuit and meanwhile watching the WC swimming in China something. (No sound, and I was too far away to read it). Then that made me miss swimming.

I did a BodyCombat class. Then, I did the 10 minute ab workout. Then, I did two rounds of the Fit and Fun circuit. Then, just for the sake of it, I did a 10-minute trot on a treadmill. I want to retrain those running legs; but the legs themselves seem to be the problem.

At least, being a gym bunny, I can work on my fitness without busting my still fragile IT-band again, and then, when the time is right, I'll be able to run again, and run fast.

In the meantime I suppose I'm wearing my running tights and running shorts to the gym; and while it's fun to run in the rain once in a while, it's been doing nothing but raining lately. Also, my gym shoes are in better condition than my running shoes (wonder why...) and my funds are slightly low these days... so it's good to know I'm making the running shoes last a bit longer!

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