Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tips for Junior Doctors part 2: be not the bearer of good news.

At least, well, just don't.

Mr Grumpy presented with a ridiculously yellow face, and after some tests and an ERCP he got told that it's likely pancreatic cancer.

Enter dr Blondie.

MRCP showed localized inflammation, and my task was to tell him and his family this glorious news: he was going to live.

Mr Grumpy was happy and relieved. 'Thanks for taking care of me, doc'.
Mrs Grumpy and the 4 junior Grumpies however, were mad. Really mad. Mrs Grumpy kept going on about how she's a nurse and how this is not how things are done. The 5 of them verbally attacked me, going on about how I'm unprofessional (because I memorized what I was going to say and did not have the file with me, simply because I was bringing GOOD news) and how this is horrible and then asking me impossible questions only to tell me that I know nothing. Mrs Grumpy had a grain of decency and used the words 'excuse me', while the mini-me's were simply harsh in their 'I'm right and you're wrong'. Then they demanded to see the internist RIGHT NOW. Not going to work, he has other patients too.

And they kept going on; the internist told me they called me a 'twit who knows nothing'.

All because I told them their father was going to be just fine.

On a lighter note:
Patient quote of the week:  It feels like there's a marble rolling around in my head.
(good, that means you haven't lost all your marbles)


  1. That is funny. Imagine if you said he was going to die.

  2. Ugh. You totally got hosed. Sorry about that babe. Sounds like a regular day in the life...

    rule 8...they can always hurt you more