Saturday, 14 May 2011

Well, that explains it!

Mrs. Cushing-Addison: 'Well, since I started taking only 5mg of prednison a day I've been really poorly, I've lost my appetite, was nauseous, I was sleeping all the time and I'm hurting everywhere'
Dr Blondie: 'Wait, you're only taking 5mg? Since when?'
Mrs Cushing-Addison: 'Well, dr Lung said we were going to taper off the prednisone so I did it at home'
Dr Blondie: 'But... we were planning to do that here, in hospital'.

(The irony is: after her predisone booster for her respiratory problems I have tapered her down to 5mg now, and she's perfectly fine as far as I know)

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