Sunday, 29 May 2011


So, life has been getting on, I've been busy and you can blame the hour and a half I need to get to and from work each day for my lack of posting.

I may have found a place to stay, but I'm shutting up about it till I actually have it. It's lovely, and large, and that's all I can say.

I am getting used to the hospital life, and I am absolutely shocked at how far I've come in just 3 weeks on the wards. I even managed an unstable patient while his family came rushing in (fair enough, we had an appointment) with tons of questions.

And then I got my first pay check... and I treated myself to a pair of sunglasses. I worked hard enough for it, and I needed something special. They're perfect, and they're the real deal:
Mirror-glassed silver Ray Ban aviators. They look really good on me, and the style suits my personality; the combination of light and slight and tough and masculine. It's a little dream come true; and I know it's maybe superficial; but I really enjoy owning and using things that are 'perfect'.

It's maybe my old strive for perfection in a non-lethal form. Not just stuff, but also time, people, activities and food: it has to be worth it. The older I get, and most certainly after my shopaholic phase, the better I get at only spending 'it' if it's really worth it.

And then, I enjoy it.

I still love and adore the green trench coat I bought in 2007. It makes me sad to think it's it's last season; but it's getting a bit too 'vintage'.. (and I still have no idea where those stains came from)

I bought a blouse too, and a gift for someone, new mascara, new shoes (my old ones sort of became seperated from their soles, good enough reason for new ones) which are basically what I've been looking for for 2 seasons now and this:

The powder was an impulse buy...

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