Sunday, 22 May 2011

Looking back on new years projects..

Remember these? My 11 projects for 2011? The 22th of May sounds like a perfect day to look back on them; simply because I thought of it today.

1) find and start my first job as a doctor

2) Get my driver's licence.
Eh, STILL working on that. I'm probably going to get an automatic gear licence rather than a manual one. I recently found out I have/had a mild form of some type of developmental dyspraxia, which has absolutely no significance in normal day-to-day life, but given that it's based on a brain development abnormality, it's not going to get any better than this and I'm struggling a bit with the driving.

3) Run 10k, and run a race.
Neither of these have worked out. I got injured at 9.5k and had to forfit my race. Running is on a low now, but it seems like my IT-band FINALLY healed, and I did go for a run yesterday. Might do a 5k race towards the end of summer, I think I should.

4) Get my diving licence

5) Join a club
I need to live somewhere first....

6) Improve eating habits and get back to set point weight
Working on that still, and am half way there weight-wise.

7) keep up cross- and strength training.
Considering I'm a bit sore from my pilates yesterday and this morning: doing so!

8) Learn to cook new dishes
Er, I collected some recipies to try, and then never had to cook again!

9) Make time for creativity

Basically, I'm working on a painting. Not just any painting, but a wedding-gift painting.

10) Be more organised.
Not entirely sure how and what, but in order to do my job I have to be somewhat organised. I do actually tidy up my room sometimes, if that counts.

11) Learn something new
I've been busy learning new things for my job, if that counts, and if it doesn't, well, I've learnt about Zulu culture, how to take care of a gerbil, what the different measurements on a bicycle tire means, how to put on new pedals on a bicycle, that Spanish is an easy language... just to name a few.

All in all, not doing to bad, I think.

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