Monday, 2 May 2011

First day at work

Well, today was the Big Day. I got up at 6AM, got myself dressed and ready, took care of the rat's ear (he has an ear infection), made myself cucumber and philadelphia sarmies and got on my green bicycle to go to the train station. Now that bit was less than amusing: the wind came from the wrong direction.
15 minutes in the train and a few minutes' walk and I was at the hospital; but I couldn't find the building I was supposed to be at at 8AM.

After a walk around the hospital, I finally found it, hidden behind tall trees and what used to be the parking lot before they started building the hospital.

I'm starting with an intro course and the acute care courses. I sort of lost track of all the things and people I saw today.

But it involved a lot of walking and a lot of listening and getting my ID and trying on white coats. We have this very cool system where you scan your hospital ID card, and then your white coat (or nurses uniform) comes flying towards you.

But that's all for today.

And I must admit, I skipped my run yesterday.


  1. Hope you had fun on your first day. I may have found a house for you. picture at Captain Crab.

  2. so exciting!! first days are always the hardest part for me . . . you rocked it :)