Monday, 11 April 2011

Underseas Adventures

Right. Part one.

I've already half posted about this, but it was fun.

I spent my first week at the seaside in KwaZulu Natal, getting my diver's licence and enjoying family time. Apart from my right hand, I also managed to get my ears sunburnt. Human Anatomy 101: ears are covered with skin too, remember when applying sunscreen. Apart from that I only got a mild tan; wetsuits don't let through much UV light.

Diving is fun. The course is interesting, and I've learnt interesting things. Among other things: it's complicated to breathe through your mouth underwater without a mask on, water gets in your nose. This might be slightly terrifying when there's 12 metres of water above your head. I've also learned that, despite being a strong swimmer and not weighing that much, I don't float. You have to be able to swim 200m and keep yourself afloat for 10 minutes in order to do the course. The Swedes who did the course with me floated, I had to tread water.

We went for a total of 4 ocean dives; which included practising skills. Aliwal Shaw is a gorgeous place to dive, and apart from the already mentioned white tip reef shark I saw thousands of fish which I can't identify... and a giant potato bass, and two stingrays. One of the stingrays had take-away dinner in it's mouth. It was really gorgeous!

On the last morning I went for a run on the beach with my dad. OK, maybe I overdid it a tiny bit, but it was good. Nothing better than barefoot running on the beach... and it's good for my calves and feet too. I might do a bit more of that when the weather gets better here in the Underworld; after all, the beach is just a tram ride away.
It was incredibly humid though.

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  1. Yay! Sounds like you're having fun! I feel like I have the opposite problem with diving. I can float just fine, but it's always been a struggle for me to stay underwater. I kind of mastered the "swim bladder" part of using your lung volume to move you up and down, but on my last dive, I definitely had a few moments where I was thinking, "Oh no! Descending too fast! Going to touch fire coral! DO NOT TOUCH FIRE CORAL WITH BODY!" Haha...I didn't touch the fire coral. Until I went swimming later and my knee brushed some. :(