Saturday, 30 April 2011

Queen's Day!

Since yesterday was all about the British Royals, today is all about the Dutch Royals. And I did fairly nothing about it.

Really, I should be doing this:

or this:

or maybe even this:

But No.

I spent my afternoon working on my sun tan. That did not even work; it's only April and I think my skin is as dark as April is going to get it. See, I'm not really such an un-fun girl; I just really wasn't in the mood and didn't have the right people with me. Plus, I'm broke. Plus, well... there will be a Queen's Day next year too.

We celebrate Queen Beatrix birthday every 30th of April, even though her actual birthday is on the 31st of January. Her mum's birthday was on the 30th of April and she wanted to keep the celebrations on that day in honour of her mum, and because, well, it's freezing cold on the 31st of January. It's a day of festivities, the colour orange (Because the Royal house is the house of Orange-Nassau), vrijmarkten where random Dutchies can sell their junk on the streets, and every year the royal family visits a different town or city in the Netherlands.

I did not entirely miss out on the 'fun' though. When I went to the shopping centre for bread and paracetamol I sort of innocently and involuntarily walked in on the local vrijmarkt where -mostly- kids sold their family's junk (mainly their old toys) and used their earned money to buy someone else's junk (because Dutch people like cheap things, even if it's completely useless). There even was a fanfare band (named the Pomme Toeters), followed, naturally, by a bulky, tall black man with cigarrette, bald head and staffie bull. Some people sold ugly cupcakes, one of the supermarkets had a stall with the unusual combination of candy floss and strawberries, a Hindustani woman sold traditional Dutch treats and this guy also earned an euro or two on his merry-go-round contraption:

Yes; it's a bicycle with a merry-go-round on it, and he provided the music himself too.

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