Friday, 15 April 2011

My Legs

Second work out of my 'getting back to running after IT band syndrome' plan.
Run-walk-run in 2min intervals for 30 minutes. I took my sisters with me. They're seasonal runners; and the weather is improving. The work out is by no means challenging, but I think my IT band begs to differ but doesn't say too much.
I'm faster than they are, but they are fitter than I am. They describe us as the soldiers and the floating alien, I'm the alien.

The only problem with my plan is that it's not really a plan. It's just something I came up with after my 2 runs in South-Africa, and the plan was to make a plan.
Part of the plan was to count Zumba as 'running' for now.
The plan might be to see if I can do part of the 'Nike Walk To Run schedule.

Maastrichts Mooiste is in 2 months. I'm considering doing the 5k run; well, mainly because it would be a good excuse to hang with a friend. All I need to be able to do is run for 30 minutes straight, right? I'll have to see what my work schedule is like first; I've decided that races are no priority for me now.


In terms of not-so-recent weight gain I realised that I have one pair of black trousers to wear to work; that's it. Actually, come to think of it, this not-so-recent weight gain trouser problem goes a bit further back than the cardiology kilo's: I own two pairs of jeans and one pair of black trousers fitted to my post-recovery body. For the record: I went through weight restoration in 2008.

Don't ask me what I've been wearing for the past 2.5 years. I don't know.

I decided to find myself a pair of trousers suitable for work today, and preferably a light brown or beige pair. I did buy two pairs of jeans before going to South-Africa because I sort of just grew out of my old ones; a light grey pair and just blue jeans, forgot the latter in SA. Not relevant. Relevant maybe, is that I lost a minimal amount of weight in SA. I was sick for a few days.

I aimed for something less than 30 euro's. I'm low on cash. In the H&M it turned out that that minimal amount of weight was enough for me to need the same size I needed last year, before the whole cardiology-weight-gain thing. I'm pretty close to my set point weight. I found the size thing very amusing. Even more amusing was that I forgot that H&M trousers are too short for me, and only realised that after pair nr 4. I can't remember the last time I tried on trousers there. I had better luck in the Zara, where I found a pair for 26 euros.

The most amusing thing of all maybe, considering my past, was my legs. I'm pretty thin, and I think my legs are pretty thin too. Not too thin, just, well, like they should be. I don't look in the mirror thinking my thighs are fat or big. (I do look in the mirror thinking that running actually works for cellulite though! I have less of it now than I had at my lowest weight!) My thighs are right-sized in my humble opinion, and I love that I finally have calves. Thank you, running.
However, whoever sets the standards for confection clothing seems to disagree with me about my thighs. I either have too much thigh for my bum or too little bum for my thigh, either way: it doesn't fit right. And apart from having handed my sister a pair of annoying jeans (too loose at the top, meaning it got pulled down by the sheer force of my gigantic thighs...), I find this extremely amusing. My thighs don't even touch. Maybe the proportions are correct in the sample size. Maybe other women my size have booties but never exercise.

I don't care. I'm proud of my legs.

And I suppose the good news is that my new beige trousers (slightly tighter over the thighs than over the rest) will still fit at my personal, healthy set point.

And maybe the best part is that I have seemed to 'reset' my attitudes towards food, leading to something closer to my normal pattern of intuitive eating. It feels so much better.

Cheers to my legs.

Good night.

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