Tuesday, 12 April 2011

HR interview

I had my appointment with HR today. You know, the guys who do the paperwork and so forth when you get hired.

This morning, I woke up more or less fresh and fruity and ready to go. I had my day planned out, but it turned out to be one of those days that don't go entirely to plan.

I sorted out the remaining paperwork, signing all the forms and making photocopies of documents. Then I got dressed and put on some make up. Getting dressed turned out to be a bit of a challenge as I don't have much to wear, literally. I wore my floral blouse (very trendy) with a black waistbelt and a black lacy skirt and ballerina-pink ballerina pumps. I calculated that I'd need about 20 minutes to get to the train station, as I didn't have to buy a ticket because my public transport card had money on it.


I forgot to plan in idiot time, which I needed for the following:
- somehow between 11:30 last night and 11:30 this morning some family member had managed to move my bike in such a way that I can't get it out easily
- I have forgotten that getting said bike requires 5 whole minutes of locking and unlocking
- I could not find my watch between someone else's laundry, which was conveniently placed on top of my stuff
- Naturally, my public transport card would be blocked. Naturally, all my attempts to get rid of the student-free-travel tag were in vain, with the result that 'they' found out it's still on there post graduation and apparently blocked my card. 'They' were supposed to have it untagged on the 1st of March after I requested them to do so.

The result: I missed my train. Not in the acceptable way, where you'd be 5 whole minutes late, but in the frustrating way where the train is still standing there but you can't get the door to open any more. Then it stands there for another half a minute without letting you in, before leaving.

I planned to take a relatively early train, to make sure I was on time. I ended up being there at 1 precisely...
after which the lady at the reception (the correct reception) sent me to another building, where I found out, at 9 past 1, that I had to be in the first building and the man with whom I had the appointment was waiting for me. So I sort of missed out on the interview with him, and went straight to the formalities with another lady. Which I find frustrating, because apart from not leaving a sharp impression, I don't know exactly when and where I start.

Plus, I have to take time off almost immediately for the driving test (the medical one, not the one that will get me my licence, well, ok, that one too) because OF COURSE it could not be done in these last few weeks I'm off. I really don't want to take time off immediately.

Workout: total of 1,5h cycling just to get places, and a 55min zumba class. Legs still sore from my 15x2min work out alternating running and walking... or maybe it has something to do with the cycling. I'm not used to it anymore. 


  1. I had a tough day yesterday, but at least I didn't have to deal with HR!

  2. Hi, I know this might sound stupid(and scary) but I found your blog because I found your routes in "de Heeg" while using Nike+ gps for my running. I stumbled onto your blog (curious if I could find a running mate in this building!) and you inspired me to make one for myself.
    I hope maybe we can meet one day (for a run?) but I understand if I scared you..

    I'm a girl btw, 20 years old and diagnosed ednos just recently. Started running and "healthy" dieting. I'm also in a training via the university for an attempt at Maastricht Mooiste! (5km). So maybe, you can understand why I found so much of myself in your blog.

    With love.