Tuesday, 26 April 2011

House Hunt

Along with finding a job (check!) comes finding a place to stay. While it's OK to spend your extended holiday at your parents place, it's NOT OK to be in your twenties, working, and still living with your mum and dad. 

I can travel to work by train quite easily, but with a 48h work week, I think I want to live closer by. The city I'm going to be working in is a fairly small city in the (relative) countryside. The province of 'Zuid-Holland' has no proper countryside. It's close enough to the big cities anyway. So, I decided I'm going to move there. 

Finding an apartment turns out to be a little more trying than I expected. I'm just me, and I don't want to be spending all my money on rent. Problem is, 'all my money' makes me ineligible for subsidised housing, which means either I pay up, or I rent from a potentially dodgy landlord. 

Results so far:
- Apartments scheduled for demolition in 'medio 2012'. Cheap, and if they're still in good condition (built in 1960), well, might be an option. Only problem: 'medio 2012' could be anything from March to September, and I really need to be able to stay there until June. 
- The PERFECT place, not too expensive, close to the city centre and the hospital, big enough, with a fireplace and a WALK-IN CLOSET and a balcony.... but someone else thought it was perfect too, before I found it. 
- A cheap one-room apartment, rather small but with a complete kitchen and a balcony, but only one room and a bathroom (I'm dreaming of having a seperate bedroom, you know)...and it may already be taken. Near hospital and city centre.
- A mildly affordable place which might work, from a decent broker.... in a nice neighbourhood about 3k's from the hospital, only slight problem is that it's on or near the shopping centre where there have been some problems with youths hanging around causing trouble. (Look, if it's the same as here, I'd consider it)
-A nice-looking apartment in an adjacent small town (less tax), yet still only 3k away from the hospital. Not too expensive. Only problem is: 'only for rent to 2 people'. 


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