Thursday, 21 April 2011

At the dentist

Me: No, sorry, I can't make appointments half a year in advance, I work in shifts. But can I get an e-mail reminder instead of the card you sent me like I requested last time? (Yes, we like to save the trees...but more importantly, I receive e-mail on my phone, which, coincidentally, I also use to phone them for the appointment)

Receptionist: Oh, sure, sorry, we must not have your e-mail address.
*checks my info*
Oh, right, something is wrong with your adress, please look at it.

Me (peeking at screen): Yes, there's no @.

Receptionist: Oh, right! No idea what egg did that!

(apart from the missing essential, I found it amusing that she called her colleague an egg!)

Work out details: tuesday run/walk workout 35min plus an hour cycling, yesterday none specifically, today 50min cycling and a zumba class. I need to work on my bicycle fitness, simply because I'm tired of struggling to get places!

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  1. Hey!

    just a quick message! I hate going to the dentist (haven't been there in 3/4 years). A few weeks ago I finally made an appointment, and it got cancelled because my dentist was sick (way to go!).

    My boyfriend's brother knew you (from a reanimation-thingy, and apparently you and your rat-pets made are famous)). I don't know if you are on speaking terms with him, but if he ever mentions my name, promise me not to mention my ED. No one at my brother's house knows yet(very frustrating..)

    Tomorrow I'm going to Scheveningen with a friend! So I might want to watch out for you! :D
    (sorry I think I'm really freaking you out..:P)

    If you are coming to Maastricht to do maastricht mooiste, let me know, maybe I pass you by! (wishful thinking much :P)

    Lots of love!