Sunday, 17 April 2011

500km of my running history.

I've just logged my 501th km on my nike+ system. That's something, right? Despite 3 injuries in the last year, I've made it to 500k.

Total, that is. 

I 'seriously' started running on September 12, 2009, apparently. There were a few runs on there from before that, which I deleted. (I also have an estimated 50km which I haven't logged.)
Then, just as I was getting somewhere, the winter happened. Three months of subzero temperatures and crazy snow... and I couldn't face that. I went to the gym instead, but I hate treadmills.
Then I injured my lateral collateral ligament during a street dance class...
Then I injured it sort of again late last year...probably doing nothing in particular.
Then I finally got going, and then I hurt my IT band. 

Then we got to now, but 500k over and done with. 

Let's just make the next 500k more productive?

Today I went out for about 35 mins, starting with 2 mins walking, then 3 mins running, then 2 mins walking etc. I tried to actually run during the running bits but my cardio fitness dropped so fast while I was out. Nonetheless, I've managed to keep a pace of well below 6'00/km during the running bits, even below 5'30 on the first four runs, then about 5'30 for two runs and then 6'00 on the last one. I don't know if I'm being particularly smart. I just know that I can do this. 

1 comment:

  1. Good job :)

    I liked the post about your legs! I wish I could like mine.. But still, trousers aren't made for normal people I guess? I can never seem to find a right fitting pair I can wear without a belt..
    I wish my thighs didn't touch though. But sadly, ednos is not the ED that makes you lose weight a lot (well it does, but I gain it all back every now and than)

    I will write something more interesting soon, as I just remembered I didn't answer you! I'm off for a run now.

    liefs! ;)