Thursday, 17 March 2011

Job Interviews nr 2 and 3

*This post was intended to be posted 2 days ago, but due to lack of time did not happen*

Apparently it's not extremely hard, once you're through the bit of sending out applications, to get a job as a doctor. Not taking into account the ones that turned to be for non-existent jobs, I got invited to half of my applications; the others just didn't respond.

Interview nr 2 was at a psych institution. Yes, I like psych, and no, I do not wish to become a psychiatrist. I'm also a good one for this particular job: I know a lot of psych compared to most fresh graduates, and I also know a lot of somatics compared to most fresh graduates who aspire to go into psych. They offered me the job. It was tempting: 4 days work, and I wouldn't have to stay there when on call. The lady was very nice; the other doctors were enthusiastic, the psychiatrist was... well, a psychiatrist. But getting another job after a year of psych would be slightly challenging.

Interview nr 3 was at a general hospital not far from here. It felt a lot like Hospital to me; hard work... but also a good learning opportunity. It was very much down to business: this is our hospital, this is what we offer, and when can you start? Afterwards I got a grand tour of the hospital. Lots of young doctors, which is good.

Which left me with a very difficult decision, really.

A nice hospital
Good working hours
something where I could learn.

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