Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Greetings from...

...the bottom of the ocean!

And thanks for all the congratulation messages!

Ok, fair enough, I'm not exactly on the bottom of the ocean, but I was earlier. I'm doing a dive course and we had our first two open water dives today. Great fun! Even saw a white tipped reef shark!

I also somehow managed to burn my right hand in the sun. It's pretty funny. My right hand, and nothing else.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Graduation Day!

And, an actual picture of me. See? I'm blonde. That's me, being congratulated by the president of the exam board of our medical faculty.

On the way to Maastricht I phoned the hospital and accepted job nr 3. Yes, I'll be working hard, but at this stage I need to learn a lot, and this seemed to be the best learning opportunity. Yes, I love cardiology, and I love psych, but I need more than either one. Plus, this job includes cardiology and pulmonology and A&E on top of just medical wards; I think any UK FY2 can be jealous of me.

We arrived early, parked our car and then went to the church. It was a bit weird at first, turns out there were only about 20 of us. Then time for the group picture, and also time to discover that one of my classmates is already working at the hospital where I'm going to start working in May.

For all those who wonder how such a ceremony works: I live in Holland. We don't do robes and hats. We do pretty dresses and high heels. Or not, in some cases.
The chairman opened the 'special meeting of the Exam Board'. After the short opening speech, he read the Oath, and then we had to reply with the last sentence (This I promise/ So help me God Almighty). My sister said I did my oath too quickly for her to take a picture! I went with the God Almighty one, stammered on the Almighty, because it was a church and because it seemed safer from my agnostic point of view.
After that we were handed our certificates after somebody gave a little speech for us. In my case it was my father. Some were funny, some embarrassing, some down to the point. Some fathers made a point out of saying that their children were now their colleagues, mine joked about always having to do the speech for his own students and now for his daughter. The Exam Board enjoyed the speeches; I suppose it's fun to learn about the anonymous students.
Then it was time for a final speech, and, an hour and a half after it began it was time to wrap it up again. Drinks were served, but no refreshments. A bit disappointing, really, but it doesn't matter. A friend of mine couldn't make it, but she came to the drinks bit to congratulate me.

We drove back, and then went out for dinner.

I sat up straight like a lady all day long. The dress was beautiful, but only comfortable when my spine was straight.

I'm flying to South-Africa this Saturday, so I'm not going to be writing much in the meantime.

Job Interviews nr 2 and 3

*This post was intended to be posted 2 days ago, but due to lack of time did not happen*

Apparently it's not extremely hard, once you're through the bit of sending out applications, to get a job as a doctor. Not taking into account the ones that turned to be for non-existent jobs, I got invited to half of my applications; the others just didn't respond.

Interview nr 2 was at a psych institution. Yes, I like psych, and no, I do not wish to become a psychiatrist. I'm also a good one for this particular job: I know a lot of psych compared to most fresh graduates, and I also know a lot of somatics compared to most fresh graduates who aspire to go into psych. They offered me the job. It was tempting: 4 days work, and I wouldn't have to stay there when on call. The lady was very nice; the other doctors were enthusiastic, the psychiatrist was... well, a psychiatrist. But getting another job after a year of psych would be slightly challenging.

Interview nr 3 was at a general hospital not far from here. It felt a lot like Hospital to me; hard work... but also a good learning opportunity. It was very much down to business: this is our hospital, this is what we offer, and when can you start? Afterwards I got a grand tour of the hospital. Lots of young doctors, which is good.

Which left me with a very difficult decision, really.

A nice hospital
Good working hours
something where I could learn.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Job Interview nr 1

...of 3.

I never applied to cardiology; I applied to internal medicine. My application got sent through to cardio, because they had no opening in internal medicine. I loved that about this hospital; others don't bother.

I got a job interview at cardio.
I love cardio, for the record, but when I applied at this particular hospital, I had to pick one, and I picked the most obvious one.

I had my sister drop me off (of course, I could have used the tram, but she was driving in more or less that direction anyway) and I found the OP clinic quite easily. The receptionist immediately asked me if I were here for the job interview, I said yes. She went off and told him I was here. (And, since I was 15mins early, the good impression started early)

Between my charm, my cultural background and apparently a more impressive resume than I thought I had, it took him less than 10 minutes to decide he wanted me. Having done cardio research, and being a BLS/AED instructor did help too.

I have a job, though I have 2 more interviews. He was happy for me to let him know Tuesday.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Staccato Update.

As I once more remove Louis the Rat from underneath the shower curtain I use as a pee-guard for wherever they free-range. (My bed, in this case). And, it works better when they're on it, not under it. At least they have fresh breath. They've been bugging me for peppermints.

Yes, I'm still alive.

No, I haven't forgotten about this. I just am sick and tired of my boring life.

Yes, I'm still selling Hugo Boss, and no, I'm not selling much. I always thought I had high requirements for my clothing. These people make me look like I dress with no more discretion than those on

I suppose the greatest news is that, yes, I've actually graduated in the meantime. With 367/360 ECT credits, and no, I have no clue what I did to earn the extra 7 credits. Ceremony is next week, but in the meantime I'm no longer enrolled, no longer a student.

I've sort of decided to do the traditional pledge if I pass for my driving test. That would be this Friday, and with a regional first pass chance of 33% and a driving school with a first pass rate of 50%... I'm not extremely confident.


I also have a job interview next week; the first one. Most of the applications turned out to be for non-existing jobs, which is quite interesting, as I did react to existing advertisements. The interview I did get was not for something I applied to. They had no available position in Internal Medicine, but they are looking for somebody on Cardiology. I like Cardio, and I've done cardio research. I liked the Cardio bit, but not the research bit. I'm trying to get into a place where I don't know anyone. I've borrowed a suit and I'll put in my best charm... and really, it might be a good idea to start there. Get my first experience with being a doctor in a familiar, less broad specialty. Besides, they have the option to switch to General Internal after 6months, if there is place.

I'm also not going to run the race. My leg is more busted than I initially thought.

That's it for now.