Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I tend to get frustrated with my running. It feels so slow. For instance, today I ran 5.4miles at a pace of 6'32/km (I do metric, but 5 mile is an official distance apparently, and equals to 8K, which means that on my iPod I can just select 5 miles rather than set 8k. That's all. I ran 8.7K today). It took me almost 57mins, which is still 3 mins faster than the last time. Still ridiculously slow, but I am beginning to feel like 10K in an hour might, just might, be possible. I've got another 4.5 weeks to go.

A month ago I was doing 4.4k at 7min/k. Look, that's twice the distance, and it's faster.

The second half of today's run was challenging. I could feel my legs. I saved those 3 mins in the first half; at 3miles (more or less 5k) I was at 30mins.

The route is pretty. I like this one. I'm going to do it 2 more times, then up the distance to 10k. Yes, finally. I've surpassed myself.

So if the theory is right, I should have some fitness for this distance right in time for the race.

There is progress, yes, but I'm a perfectionist who measures herself against her own ambition. I think that's really what's frustrating me.

Oh, thanks CPC site, for reminding me I've got another 31 days and 11h 41m 22s before the race.

Well, race... a time of 60 minutes would rank me at about 700th out of somewhere between 2000 and 2100. I guess that's still roughly in the fastest 1/3. It's my goal time. That's all. All I need to do is be little over 3 mins faster on what I do now, and add in another 1k. A month.

I want to be in the fastest 1/2. That sounds fair enough.

And mainly, it's to have fun. First race, first big event.

And right now, I walk for a short bit after every 3 songs in my playlist.

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