Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh. No.

Oh. No.


I just re-checked graduation info, and with a graduation date of 28-02 the ceremony is on the 16th of JULY. Ju-fucking-ly. I can't believe it. I was so certain it would be in March, apparently I must have misread something, because I was so certain about it when I half-deliberately posponed the date. It was only half-deliberate, it would have been very nearly impossible to have everything set to graduate in January. (That would have given me, the surgeons, and the faculty one week to have everything done. I can work that fast, but the surgeons don't neccesarily have time, and the faculty has never been fast).
It's just not fair. July would basically mean that I won't have a graduation ceremony at all. That would mean that I'd go and pick up my diploma and nothing else, I can't wait 5 months. I'll be working in July, who says I'm going to get time off?
And why would I want to go to a ceremony half a year after I actually graduated?

I'm completely shattered. 6.5 years of hell, and I can go and pick up my diploma at 9AM on the first Tuesday in March. Oh wait, that's the day AFTER. No glamour, no proud moments, no ceremony, no pretty old church building, no pretty dress, no grandma at the ceremony. No, I can go and sleep at Anne's place, and pick up my certificate at 9AM... like it's a renewed passport or a visa. I'm sitting here, crying my eyes out. It's just not fair.
I already sent a beg-email to the faculty, but I have no faith in them.

I guess that also means I don't have to worry about whether I make the traditional, religious oath, or the non-religious pledge. (Yes, that's an issue if you're agnostic)


  1. Oh no!!!! This is not OK! I am sending happy thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc. your way!

    Keep us updated!

  2. That does not seem right. Are there other graduates you know, strength in number to get things changed?