Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Job Applications

Yes, I'm writing them. I need to start working at some point, don't I?

Slight problem though. Apparently, I can't take my driving test, which means I'm a bit limited when it comes to job appliacations?
Don't believe me?

Found a nice psych job. Requirements: own transport, due to lack of sleep-in calls.
GP training: requirements: driver's licence.
Anything too far to cycle and too complicated to reach with public transport: idem ditto.

I'm pissed off about the whole driving test situation. It's not like I wasn't extremely clear about the situation.
Now it's overbooked.

Writing letters is complicated. I'm nervous.


  1. I'm feeling u on this. I'm pushing myself to start writing as well. And hell! am I scared! What if i start somewhere and my lacking ability of keeping my med knowledge in my brain and not vapourising sends someone down the drain?!???

  2. @Momma: Oh, yes, that scares me too!!!