Friday, 18 February 2011


Yes, crap, it's true.... Remember my thigh pain?

Though not your typical IT band syndrome. The bit that's normally affected is remarkably unaffected in my leg. Also fairly atypical is the sudden onset. I have pain in mid-upper thigh, only sometimes radiating to my knee.

I also have a physiotherapist sister who didn't mind giving me a rub. A very painful rub, I might add. Turns out there band is a bit thickened/swollen with a lump in it. Even I felt the lump....

The frustrating bit? Never once have I been forcing myself.


Rest for now, will do short runs now and go swimming just a bit more often. I still want to race. Not fair. What now???

The next planned run was 5k, after that I was going to be at 10K, with about 2-3 weeks to work on that.

And, for future reference, the IT band lies roughly in the L5 dermatome:

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