Thursday, 24 February 2011

I want to run...

I can't.

I'm injured, once again, still... and it's frustrating.
Here I was, thinking I did everything right.

Here I am, with my overuse injury. This is a bitch. I was finally getting somewhere....

I tried to run today, it has been a week. I didn't get far, turned around and jogged back.

I think my race is screwed.

I'm looking at a MINIMUM recovery time of 2-4 weeks. 1 week done.


  1. Look at the other side. 2-4 weeks to work on those other goals.

  2. Blondie, hope you'll recover soon.
    Maybe it's a sign that your body needs some rest,.. some goodlovin TLC.. there's so much going on at the moment.. what with the transition from ex-student to jobless to applying, begging for jobs,.. to the fact that we ARE gonna be working soon,... Everything will fall into place,okay? ( note: the whole comfort cuddling thing is for me also! ;P)

  3. I hope that

    1) You can run now

    and 2) you find the time to post soon! :)