Friday, 18 February 2011

Ah. The Importance of Hydration.

This was bound to happen.
I still haven't figured out exactly how I want to take my liquids with me on longer runs. I don't feel much for running with a bottle in my hands, and I'm not sure those belts actually work.

Meanwhile, I'm running close to 9km.

Up till now I've managed with pre and post run hydration. Drink half a litre slowly in the 45 mins before running. It worked.

But today (nice and sunny), I found myself thirsty after 15 mins. After 25 mins I was parched. and after 34 mins the Man with the Hammer hit... and I didn't get very far.

Interesting how, if you're really really thirsty, you start considering drinking the water from the pond.

I trespassed onto restaurant property trying to find a tap. No luck. I decided to drastically decrease my tempo and add more walking...

And finally, went to the MacDonalds to drink water from the tap in the loo. A manager greeted me, I said 'Hi' back. (Look, I have no money on me! Besides, what does MacDonalds possibly sell that won't interfere with my run?) Then I walked out. (They're pretty strict about the loos being for customers only.).

Unfortunately I started getting sharp pains in my right outer leg (but NOT in an iliotibial tract pattern) right after that so running didn't go so well afterwards either. In the meantime I've been having these weird pains on and off, especially when going downstairs. Almost like a nerve got a hit somewhere. I'm too young for this shit!

I suppose the good news is that I ran the first 5km of my 5mi which turned to 9.3km run in 29:something minutes.


  1. This is exactly why I have to use a gym! I need my hydration! When I did run outside, I tried carrying the bottle mostly, which I found annoying, but necessary. If I was an outdoor runner, I'd probably end up trying the belt apparatus to see if it worked.

  2. If it's 60 degrees or warmer, I have to run with water. I have a bottle that straps over my hand--still not ideal, but better than carrying a bottle or wearing the belt of bottles. You could also just carry money with you and stop and buy water, but that's more of a hassle than carrying a bottle.

  3. I must confess I've never run with water/ whatever, but then I live in the UK where it rarely get *that* hot.

    Have you given any thought to getting a camelbak?

    I totally recognise that pain, too. I ended up taking a course of naproxen when it got really bad. Watch out for yourself ;)