Saturday, 8 January 2011


Yes, I am excited about it. Today, ladies and gentlemen, was the day of the first run that felt like a real run ever since that lateral collateral ligament decided it didn't like something I did for the second time in a year. I did a slow 4.5k and did short bits of walking in between because for some reason it seemed like the tuna sandwich I had 3 hours earlier had other ideas about where it should go than I did... but that's not the point. Or maybe it was the karma of yesterday's piggies (no, NPodyssey, you don't have to google it.... there was a picture of them right below where I mentioned them). I don't know.

The point is that I went far and long enough to feel like I actually went. These shorter recovery runs don't feel like real running, they feel like physiotherapy exercises. Next time probably with a little less walking. Heh. I didn't even run with music today, it was fairly windy (eh, I live quite near the coast) and listening to music while running in the wind just doesn't work.

So here's what my route was like: I started off from our home, crossed the water (large ditch, not quite a full sized canal) to the cycle path, then ran up the sound wall next to the high way where I do catch all the wind but also feel a bit adventurous, climbed down the sound wall to run on the cycle path next to the high way and followed it to the traffic light, crossed that and passed the kart centre and turned left down a small street, then turned left again to start the way back...passing the gym and the MacDonalds. Running past the MacDonalds made me feel a bit smug, but once the smell hit me smug went over in nausea. Then I headed home following the car road (running on the broad sidewalk) and finally through a bit of Suburbia where a woman smiled approvingly as I passed her. I saw one other runner, a small, slow person of unidentifiable sex. I'm going to assume it was a woman because she was wearing a rather thick white jacket. I noticed that I got closer to her despite going slow and stopping to tuck in a runaway shoelace. She continued on when I turned left.

I came home feeling I could still go for several km's, but I know it's better to build up slowly. Besides, I WAS going slow with my average pace of 7.01/k.

Another fun thing: My Nike+ sensor seems to be finally, and accidentally, perfectly calibrated. My run measured 4.48k on Google Maps, and 4.48k on Nike+.

10k here I come! I'll be happy if I can finish in less than an hour.

The weather was a nice 9 degrees Celcius, and windy but dry. It was just starting to dusk, and for some reason I love running in the sunset. It was cloudy.

The nice weather allowed me to run in my favourite running top for winter; a red one from one of the local home brands. Heh. So soft...and apparently not available any more. The local store brands usually are cheaper (same price as Nike in the UK; apparently Nike in the UK is a different distribution area than here, and colours are different, but Nike is more expensive here). Oh well. I hope they make them again next year.... I'd like to have two of them.



I just signed up for my very first race. I signed up for the City Pier City run in The Hague.

Of course, I said I expect to finish somewhere between 0h55 and 1h20. I really hope it will be faster. But I am going to finish, and the idea is to get fit and start somewhere with racing.

Interesting fact: According to my Nike+ yearly overview, I ran an average of 6k a week in 2010. Not much! 2010 was a year in which I couldn't run for a great deal of the year, and spent a great deal of what was left doing those annoying short recovery runs. (Also, not ALL my runs are actually tracked on Nike+). It started out with really bad weather with snow and ice through the entire February; a bout of illness in March, LCL injury in late May, leading to me not being able to run the race and it only recovered in September.... only to take another (light) blow in November. It's all better now, I am taking it easy and have been completely pain-free for about 3-4 weeks now.