Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Run Philosophy

Just returned from my 5k run. I'm already 3.5 mins faster than last week; but I'm still not happy. But then again, it does take 4 weeks for your cardio fitness to improve and the best thing would just be to keep going. This was not a 'good' run. But that's OK. I feel good about going.

And the trail bit of my route is still flooded. The fact that it's raining every other day doesn't really help either, I suppose. It's raining now too, and not just a little bit. It does make me feel a bit smug to know that I beat the rain. It started raining just as I got home.

I skipped my run on Monday. Bad girl, I know. But not really. I was visiting somebody and having a good time and I haven't seen her in a year. I was doing something that was equally important to me. As it is, I am exercising 5 times a week. 4 times won't kill me. (I did go to Zumba last night; it may not be the ideal cross training method but I love it).

I don't live to run. I run for life. There is a difference. I run because I (usually) like it. I run because it makes the rest of my life just so much better. While it is completely true that I can get most of the effects of running from other sports, most of them don't allow me to live through the seasons, get fresh air and impulsively change the entire scenery of my work out. I can run any time, any day, and that appeals to somebody with a future demanding job. I can run alone, and I enjoy the semi-meditative solitude. I can run with friends, and enjoy their company, but usually they don't stick to it.

Running for life means running enhances my life, and doesn't stand in the way of it.

I am looking forward to summer rain runs, and to tanning my legs while getting a work out. I am looking forward to showing off my long, tanned and toned legs in summer. I am looking forward to the race, despite being apprehensive of it at times. I am looking forward to fun, hilly trail runs; but I am nowhere near the fitness level needed for those. I am also nowhere near hills, but that's another matter. (Turns out there are some 'man made hills' around here, which will have to make do).

The 10K. Then 15K. Then maybe half a marathon. I'm not aspiring a full marathon now; at least not for the next few years.

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