Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Projects for 2011

First of all: happy 2011.
1-1-11 is almost as cool as 11-11-11

^The lighting of the annual local bonfire. When the thing is actually fully on fire it's 5-6 storeys high and too bright for my camera to capture anything. At 3 in the morning I looked outside and thought it was getting light already, that's how much it lights up the neighbourhood. (Of course, no bonfire without having fireworks thrown into the crown, bunch of idiots).

Once upon a time, when I still was a neurotic wreck, I used to make resolutions and measure progress every month...and so forth. I even had a pretty notebook for it. Then, I changed and grew and learned that I'm quite capable of just living without all that... and in the end those resolutions never made me a better person. What DID make me a 'better person', or at least, what was more effective was to simply start whatever 'resolutions' the minute I thought of them. Even IF it's the 31st of December.

This year, everything changes right around New Years. That somewhat changes the matter. Or, maybe not, but still. This year, I have stuff to do, a new life to build if you like. New city, fresh graduate, and three months to do Things. This year, I still have no 'resolutions' because the word sounds dismal to me. It reminds me of smokers who start smoking again on the 3rd, 'gym bunnies' who turn into couch potatoes on the 7th, fat people who will weigh more on the 31st of December 2011 etc. Resolution isn't strong. Plans are. I have a few projects for 2011, and while I'm not going to bore you with the exact details, here they are:

1) Find and start my first job as a doctor. This includes: studying a bit, fixing my CV, applying, interviews, etc. etc. etc. Plan is to start working in internal medicine or paeds.

2) FINALLY get my driver's licence. I am enrolled at a driving school, am going to re-take the theory test halfway through January, and hopefully I'll be done with the whole shebang by March. I'm a bit ashamed of myself for not having it yet... buut there were 'circumstances' (among other things the fact that I'm 'medical' even though I am perfectly healthy with perfect eye sight).

3) Finally make my way up to at least a 10K and race. I might also continue on to a 15k race, and maybe a half marathon (depending on the time I have available). Have already sort of started on this goal, and am going for a run right after I've finished this (I want to see the aftermath of the bonfire). Immediate side project: get NikePlus thingy to work again. The sensor is NOT flight-proof.

4) Get my diving licence. Because diving is amazing, I love nature, I'm an ample swimmer, and I was a few m away from a tiger shark on my first ever diving experience. I might even train as a diving physician later on.

5) Join a club. A running club, a book club, a dancing thing? Don't know, something to research. Meet new people.

6) Improve my eating habits and lose the few pounds I gained, preferably by March. (that implies doing it slowly). It's about balance, not about weight. My 'goal weight' is my natural weight. My body is just not happy with my recent bad eating habits, and I'll feel a lot better if I fix it.

7) Keep up cross-training and strength-training. I love that swimming trains my upper body, and strength training is very important for me.

8) Learn to cook new dishes. I might as well do something useful with my dinner-chores. And no, I'm not really a kitchen princess.

9) Make time for creativity. I took art and art history in secondary school (sort of a minor, if you wish), I was a childhood artistic talent, but then came along medical school. It's all about balance, once again, and yes, I know it makes me sound like I'm 32. But creativity can be trained.

10) Oh, yeah, and put some more effort in being organised. Because chaos doesn't always help. It is possible to be flexibly organised. Starting with my room....and the mess my phone contact list became after I tried to organise it. (I was too vigorous, it deleted all my contacts and then when I re-synched it (viva Google), it was a mess)

11) Learn new things. I'm considering learning French, reading, and just basically keep on being naturally curious. Curiosity killed the cat, but I am not a cat.


  1. That bonfire sounds scary!

    Good luck with your 2011 plans. Happy new year!:)

  2. That's a lot of resol... I mean projects for the New Year.
    They all sound obtainable and some kind of fun. Good luck in 2011