Monday, 3 January 2011

The Old City

I talked to a minister today. I used to claim that I don't do religion; but recently I have to admit that I've become a bit of an agnostic. It was an interesting conversation with a really approachable, intelligent man. He reminded me of the 7th Heaven reverend a tiny bit, but then without actually having that many children.

So after that I went to the Old City, where I never actually lived but where I went to secondary school. So many memories of skipping class...haha. They've built a new shopping centre in the meantime, and it took me some time to figure out that the iCentre is actually on this new shopping-centre plain. I bought myself a pair of light pink slippers with pink flamingoes on them. Because they were cheap and my feet are cold. I hate light pink, but the other option was beige with camel flamingoes.... and flamingoes have to be pink.

It was weird walking through the Old City, seeing everything that changed, but especially remembering me as a teen walking there.

The iCentre helpdesk guy (who was cute, and who thought I was cute) managed to get my Nike+ sensor back to life, and I'm really happy about that. He flirted a bit, of course. And I flirted right back, because I'm like that.

Then I went for the same run as two days ago. Next plan is to build up with another 400-500m, but I am allowing for short walk breaks (just enough to get my breath back a bit) as I'm for some reason struggling with the temperature. Or maybe I just lost more running fitness than I thought I did. I'm happy to announce that, while I'm still careful about it, my knee hasn't complained in 2 weeks.

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