Friday, 28 January 2011

Not in the mood not in the mood...HEY I'm loving this

Today's run was 7.32km at a pace of 6.28/k. I'm getting really good at running slowly. This is something I was never capable of, actually, and I was pushing myself too much on every run. I always had sore calves. Always. The thing is, my basic cardio fitness level isn't too great. I'm building it up as I am building up my running; and I simply can't run a full 5k at my 'usual' pace of 5'20. I will get there soon enough, and I will get even faster... safely.
For now I'm good with building endurance, even if that happens at a pace of 6'28.

I spent half the afternoon procrastinating my run. It was cold out, and I was not in the mood for it. And yes, it's wildly interesting to read some tips about buying a used car; the deal was that I was going for a long-ish run.

Once I started running with my 'run' playlist in my ears, I started getting in the mood. It was sunny but cold. I started out running against the wind, but had the wind in my back on the way back. At some point, the wintry sun started feeling warm in my face even, and I was far from cold. I was creating my own tiny little summer.

I'm right on schedule for my 10k run.

I also noticed that I'm a midfoot striker. I find this interesting. There is no 'pathological' reason for this, it's just what I do. Apparently it's very Chi or something...

I'm just wondering if this means my shoes need to be replaced sooner.

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