Thursday, 6 January 2011

Having Something To Do.

I won't be working full time for the next 2-3 months. I'm happy about it, it's my break. That doesn't mean I tolerate doing nothing at all, just not my thing.

I'm taking driving lessons. Because driving lessons in Final Year was a decidedly bad idea, and didn't work out. Before you get all judgemental: I live in Europe, I use a bicycle and I have access to free public transport on weekdays. So there. I had my first driving lesson in one of Holland's largest cities. It was a bit more challenging than driving in the small historic city where I studied, but it went OK and the instructor is going to prep me for my test. It's long overdue, but still I'm a bit scared about the prospect of driving all by myself.

In terms of road rage randoms: a BP lorry managed to park at the BP petrol station in such a way that it blocked an entire lane of the road next to the petrol station. I'm quite impressed, actually.

I am also quite impressed by one of the Pets. He's a fully grown male, but managed to jump up over half a metre to land on the few-mm-thick wire panel I used to make a free range area for them.

Also, I signed up for a local Zumba class. I'm going with a friend, and it's really just people from the neighbourhood. Would be good to meet people from around here. Yes, I partly grew up here, but in my defence: when we moved here the neighbourhood consisted of 2 blocks and no paved streets. 50% of what stands now wasn't there when I left for uni. I went to a try-out today, it was fun.

I'm still planning to look for a part-time job for the time being. It's just not working so well, haha, I'm busy with all kinds of things!

Agency called me, they had an Emergency Care job in the 'region' for me. I asked them where it was. They said somewhere on the 'closest island'. Yes, but that's still a 2-hour commute, and I haven't had enough turn-downs yet to consider moving further than the big city south of this one.

On the bright side, the cardiologist agreed to be my referent, and I am considering asking that other psychiatrist as well because he really knows me.

There's a run due tomorrow morning. I'm so happy about the snow-free temperatures, but they've predicted rain for tomorrow morning and evening.


  1. Hei jy, ek hoop regtig hierdie wens virre tydelike werk sal goed afloop, ne.

    I sincerely hope that you find that temporary employment.


  2. Zumba is great, depending on who your teacher is! I hope you have a good time. Perhaps you can egg me on to run-- I'm going to try a mini marathon in October. :)