Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter Blues

Right. So as far as I know, I don't suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). But last year I went through a serious dip during December, and this year seems to be no better. I'm tired, I'm not eating right and I can't find motivation to do anything useful. I think I just need a break. My mood-dip has nothing to do with the darkness.

It had nothing to do with the darkness last year either. It was purely the cold. Last winter was the coldest I've ever been through, and it took me a few weeks to adjust to it. Temperatures dropped from a lovely 10 degrees Celsius to -5 almost overnight. I've already mentioned that I'm a warm-weather child, and last December I seemed to sort of hibernate. Of course, the weather didn't get any better after December and I got used to it.

This year I'm not too bothered by the cold weather. I will refrain from riding bicycles, but all in all I'm managing. But I am tired. I need a break. It has been a hard year and I really need a break... and the most interesting thing is that I have plenty motivation to do fun stuff (contrary to last year), but I'm just really really really done with studying.

Not all blues that happen in winter are the Winter Blues.

I think I want to go home now. I miss a TV and I miss my pets.

I saw the Pregnant Adolescent being wheeled towards OB/GYNAE last night. Note to self: always remember discharge instructions. She must have gotten worse.

Run today: 2.64k according to Nike+; slightly shorter according to me because Nike loses it's accuracy when you're waiting for traffic lights. 
Weather: sunny, 1degree celcius
Knee pain score max: 2-2,5 towards the end. That means that right now this is my max distance for my knee. Bummer. 
I ran 3 laps around a park and then back to where I'm staying. Kept to 'granny pace' or what felt like it, turns out it was only about 30s/k slower than my normal pace. Was interesting to find chunks of ice on the path. 
Then I went on to do my combined ballet/strength workout, adding 5x15 crunches, 15R/15L pilates leg raises, 5 push-ups, 20 triceps raises and some stretching. 


  1. ahh running + medicine :) love the combo! i definitely agree the two activities go hand and hand.

  2. I think I suffer from the winter blues. I love the seasons, but winter feels so long.