Thursday, 16 December 2010


Today is OSCE day. And just for the record. Normally I am a serious student. More or less. But around here I've done less than I've actually done in my entire career as a medical student. Well, not counting first year because that was all about becoming a student. I agreed to do the end-of-block exams as a sort of motivator to do something, except that it didn't work so well. Hey, I'm on my elective. And I'm tired, I've worked 50hour weeks on my first job, followed by a 2-week break, followed by 70 hour weeks on my second job... followed by a move and my elective abroad. Brain malfunctioning. Brain not effectively capable of studying. Motivation absent.

So... those were 10 9-minute stations. The OSCE's I'm used to consist of your normal assessment, treatment etc, followed by an oral exam. Our finals were one massive OSCE. Now I had 9 minutes for something fairly superficial.

I just put in my worst suture in my entire suturing career. I've never had to suture wax before, the needle behaves differently. Your thread becomes all slippery and waxy. I've sutured heads, legs, fingers, vaginas... but no wax.

I've managed to mis-stab the radial pulse doing an ABG. It's a friggin plastic arm.

I forgot the name of a drug.

And about the asthma thing. Steroids. Ipatropium. Fuck, yes, I do actually know that.

Different policies in different countries mean different tests being ordered.

Question: What causes, other than DKA, cause metabolic acidosis.
Me, er, alcohol, renal failure, er
Massive ingestion of vinegar.

What? They didn't ask for common causes, and I HAVE actually seen a patient with metabolic acidosis due to vinegar ingestion. She was anorexic and vinegar made her shit.

Of course, now I can come up with all kinds of brilliant answers. And later on I have a multiple choice question exam. Can't be that hard for this unprepared lady can it?

I suppose the important advice for today still remains:
Do not overindulge in vinegar.

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