Monday, 20 December 2010

That Magical 10K

So, instead of working on my -seemingly- endless reports, I've been obsessing about this whole 10k thing. Not unusual for me; I tend to obsess over things till I have a plan, and then the skies in my head are clear as crystal again.

It seems like the weather will be picking up, as in, I'm confident I'll get through January with no snow-outs.

That means I should be able to run 10k on the 13th of March. Just to finish it, I can work towards weird and wondrous times later on. Right?

Problem is, I can't find a schedule to work on. I would love one. I'm doing 2miles now, increasing distance every other run as my knee allows and improves. Meanwhile doing my strengthening exercises.

Basically that means I'll be close to 4k again before I leave, and near 5k just after New Years. From there I can increase my distance with 10% a week. That would mean that I'll be able to do 7.25k around the beginning of February. Time is on my side. I just want to finish. If it's under the hour, I'll be really happy.
Runner's World has a beginners 10k schedule which I should be able to start early Feb, ready to race 6w later. Right?

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