Monday, 27 December 2010


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I sure did, and I even made it home for Christmas despite previous chaos at Schiphol Airport. I even managed to make it to the airport in time to sit there for an hour before I could check in.

So Christmas festivities have passed and I am staring at an impasse of about 3 months before I start working. Mainly because I have to wait 2 months for my diploma and my father has interesting plans concerning me, March, PADI diving school and South Africa. In the meantime I intend to actually find an actual job for when I return, and to find a part time short term job for the meantime. Preferably once a week, preferably something health-care related, preferably something that pays OK. Just to allow me to earn a little bit of money. Plan also includes finally getting my driver's licence. (I had access to mostly free public transport for the past 6.5 years).

The weather and the streets around here look like this:

I have a basic rule. If I can't walk on it, I can't run on it. (and I most definitely can't cycle on it, but that's a different story). I slipped several times on my way to the supermarket today, luckily manage to 'prevent' falling. One of those times I showed some pretty interesting cross-legged techniques. Now THIS would be about the only situation I'd really want to run on a treadmill.

Treadmill running is still better than NO running.

I have no access to a treadmill.

I do have two sisters who are swimmers and have driving licences. I do have access to a community pool and my sisters compulsive commitment to their swimming.

So this morning I dug up my old blue goggles, my old dark-blue-with-bright-pink-trimming Adidas bathing suit and an old swim cap... and joined my sister in her pool parade. It was fairly quiet, and this pool had one line put in to mark a separate lane for fast swimmers. Normally Dutch pools -at least the ones I've been to- don't put in lanes. Maybe because they believe people should be free to swim wherever they want. (This typically leads to me not being able to swim at all). A fast lane is a good development. Unfortunately it was occupied by a rather normal-average swimmer who was slower than I am.

Regardless, I swam for 1h20m and managed to do 2500m. I'm not extremely proud of this performance. While I don't like to compare myself to my sisters when it comes to swimming... she did do 4250m in 1h25m. (But I beat her in Gran Turismo on the PS3)

The thing is, I had no access to the gym for months now and was shocked at how weak my upper body had become. Last time I went for a swim, I managed 3000m. That was at least 6 months ago. My arms got so tired after only 250m. I could feel the muscles in my back. I used to be a competitive swimmer in secondary school, and I still am faster than most amateur swimmers. Probably just because I have the technique and maybe partly because I am 24 and not 54.

Cross training. And yes, swimming works your quads. I can feel them.

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