Wednesday, 29 December 2010

some more H2O

2.5k of which 400m crawl-kick with kicking board, this time in 1h10mins. Included 1min of jumping up from bottom of pool (2m deep): this works my bounce-muscles and my entire frontal thigh is feeling really fatigued now. Plyometrics for increased running performance, right? Runners World says so. I copied the moves from my competitive swimmer days when that type of explosive power was needed to get me off the starting blocks fast, and to get away from the side of the pool ASAP. It's great fun to shoot up above the water (well, the bit of me above my upper thighs at least) anyway. I've also added tumble turns again, with the aim to do them fast with a strong push-off. I think I'm going to try to get to the pool once a week (for more balanced training), and I might have to cycle there. That would add up to 'real' triathlon training,although this:
might not be the appropriate cycle. ('They' say the swimming and the running is the hardest bit of the triathlon anyway. I might consider doing triathlons in the future, when I'm earning enough for a race bike to not be a stupid purchase)

Also, when it has been uncovered from underneath the snow, the new playground with it's tartan-like 'floor' across the street will provide a lovely place to...well...jump.

Tomorrow I'm going for a run again. I'm a bit ambivalent about pushing myself to run at the moment, I'm only now reaching the stage where my knee has a chance of actually fully recovering and while short runs may benefit the healing, overdoing it (or even doing a normal amount of running) may set it off again.

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