Sunday, 12 December 2010

So Now What.

I have an OSCE on Thursday. I have 5 days to study for it, including the scrap left of today. I've never had 5 days to study for anything. Wow. I don't even know how to go about having days to study. I mean, I took 1 day off to study for my finals. Everything else had to be crammed into a 50h work week.

I don't even know where to begin. Acute Medicine can be anything.


We all love MMSE's. Date of examination: 10/12/2010
Me: What year is it?
Flapping Dentures: I dwunnow
Me: What's today's date?
Flapping Dentures (suddenly articulating really well): It's November 30th, that's right, it's my birthday today!
Me: Well, happy birthday Sir.
(checking notes: D.O.B. 30-11-19ancient.)
Me: who's the Queen of England?
Flapping Dentures: ewiwiwew
(er. I'm going to take that as Elizabeth?)
and then he suddenly recalled seeing me earlier. Took me a while to understand when: I was standing at the desk writing my notes when he was brought in.


Christmas shopping time. The shopping centre was crazy busy. I managed to land my sister her gift in her size, then tried on a few blouses off the sale rack at H&M as I'm rocking professional attire these days. Came home with a very light dusty pink blouse with sleeves that are just a tiny bit too short. I don't mind that, hospital hygiene regulations require rolled up sleeves anyway. Then I decided to get myself a soy chai latte at the Muffin Break and go home to continue my gift hunt on a day on which all these people are working.

Muffin Break has the best soya chai lattes. And this particular one is franchised by the sweetest Indian couple.


Then I did my toning/ballet work out. I'm getting better at it, and either my entire abductor section is getting stronger or I'm getting more flexible.
I need to strengthen and stabilise my ankles and feet. I have hypermobile joints, essentially it comes down to me having to take good care of my body and to stay in the habit of doing strengthening exercises. Having a naturally flat muscle type does not exactly help with the quick muscle and stability building, but I suppose they should be enough to support my own body. It's not like they have to support 100kg or something. If only I knew how to easily improve ankle stability.

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