Monday, 13 December 2010


My iPod nano has a pedometer. I find it rather amusing. Since my actual running is a bit stalled till my lateral collateral ligament is healed properly again, and I have no access to a gym (let alone one with a lovely pool)... I decided that I'm going to walk. It's not that cold, and I feel like I have time on my hands, and I can benefit from time outside in the daylight.

Now see, I know the UK health people like to advise us to aim for 10 000 steps a day, and as an overachiever I decided that that should be my bare minimum. I figured I'd get that easily, as they also recommend 30minutes of exercise a day and I normally get that without even trying, as I live in a country where this:

is my standard method of transportation. And apart from that, I do exercise.

I was slightly wrong in those assumptions. I decided to go for a walk and see how far 10 000 steps actually is.
It took me 2 hours to walk 10 790 steps (according to the iPod), and that's a total distance of about 8-9k, roughly estimated based on my runs in the city). Only stopping for a soya chai latte to go, and to take a few pics. In the process, iPod tells me, I have burned 411 calories. I'm a bit dissappointed. Sure, it's fine to look at all the pretty things (or ponder about how boring the city actually is), but I miss my kick. And I can burn about 400 calories in 40 minutes if I run. So this whole walking thing doesn't seem too efficient. Not that I'm all about the calories, but it does give you a rough overview of expenditure.

I would find it interesting to see how much you walk on a day, being a doctor. I know, technically it's a bit of a sedentary job, but not really. I only noticed the massive difference that those few steps and the getting up and sitting down and lifting obese peoples' legs or digging in their abdomen makes in terms of activity when I did my research-ship. That was a computer job most of the time. And it drove me crazy.

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