Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My First Time

As a fledgling doctor, there are many 'virginities' to be lost. Many bubbles to pop, many 'moments of wisdom' to be experienced.

Night shifts, or just 'nights' is one of them. I lost my night shift virginity last night.

It actually was not that bad. I was on paeds, then when there were no more babies who fell down stairs or who couldn't breathe properly, I moved on to 'majors'. Got the sleeping bit sorted out, and the food bit as I wasn't hungry at all. Am taking bananas and Horlicks with me tonight I think.

It didn't feel like the middle of the night for most of the night. But then, when the day shift came in and I went home, it was really weird to see all these fresh people starting their work day... to watch the sun come up and run into my house mate on hist way to gynae clinic... and then go to bed. It's almost surreal.

I did my leg/ab/core strengthening (ballet) exercises yesterday. You know the sore muscles you sometimes get when you wake up the next time after a new sort of exercise? It actually has nothing to do with sleep. It's quite interesting to feel your muscles get sorer as your night shift progresses. But then of course when I did wake up in the afternoon almost every movement I made with my lower body hurt. Shows you how much you really use your glutes/calves/lateral leg muscles. Also goes to show how much I really need to do these exercises.

Weather's still crappy and slippery. I saw a man running today, he looked like an elf, running so lightly. I wanted to shout to him how he does it... because I'm scared of the slippery ice. I did notice that he wasn't wearing normal running shoes, but rather trail shoes or something.

Not that it matters. I've put myself on a 2-week break, 4 days to go.

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