Friday, 10 December 2010

Medical Ward

Evenings on acute medical ward.
- Weirdly, tomorrow is my last day on the wards as a medical student. I am no longer afraid of the medical ward. I think.
- I am actually not certain if that nurse knew I was 'just a student'. I mean, sure, there is an enormous green STUDENT ID card on my chest...and I'm not normally the one to come to if a patient is in pain or needs transfer. Said nurse did not know me well enough to know that it's my last week.
- If the patient's actual doc needed 2-3 go's at cannulating him after I failed twice, I am not going to blame myself for not smoothly popping it in.
- I must have some sort of positive effect on patients if they still smile at me and show me their battle scars after above incident.
- I love it when a seemingly obvious thing turns out to be something freakishly interesting. Like an uncommon tumour in an uncommon place.
- Apparently I am more confident (and thus appear more competent...) than local final years students. Good, I suppose, because I don't have an FY1 to freak out in.

And in general:
- I'm still not sleeping properly. Laid wide awake until 5AM this morning. Getting up before noon becomes slightly more complicated. Just something, anything, sleep, please?
- Pancakes are healthy and yummy. If I make them, that is.

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