Sunday, 12 December 2010

Last day,

Well this is a legendary day. Sort of. It is, unless in a flurry of keenness I decide to return to A&E right before Christmas, my last day in clinics as a medical student. Next time I lay my hands on a patient (an actual one), I will be the actual doctor.

Well, not counting the OSCE. Those are fake patients, and I am ever so much starting to regret agreeing to do it.

Of course, final day could not pass without a rectal. Patient claimed he had his prostate removed. Prostate was very much in situ.

Random visitor of random patient (not mine): 'You look too young to be a doctor, what are you? 26? 27?'
I am 24, thanks.

Running: same run as last time, this time with slightly less pain. Still stuck with those three laps though. The weather has picked up, and it was slightly warmer than the predicted 4 degrees. I took my jacket off, and it was a bit amusing to be running with my short sleeved T when some people were still wearing hats. I hate this knee injury, and I think I need to be focusing on strength training right now.

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  1. Yay for the last day in clinic as a med student! Congrats!