Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Haircuts and Freezy Running

Over the last few days I had fun... and the uni network was having some unexpected downtime. I couldn't get online in 4 days.

I am happy to tell you that I passed both the OSCE and the computer exam. 

In the past days I went to 2 dinner parties and 1 High Tea. I'm going to miss the people here!

And today I had my hair cut. Still naturally blonde, but really shiny now. 2 inches off. Haircut is a haircut, but the lady asked me if it was a lot different in Holland. 
I'm sorry to disappoint her, but no. 

I can run 2 miles now, without my knee bothering. I know I should be doing run/walks, but I can't. If I walk for too long, I get an asthma attack. I had my first sub-zero temp run the other day, and it wasn't so bad! It was cool to see the frosty bits on the ground. 

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