Friday, 24 December 2010

Flying Home For Christmas


Flying home this evening, I'm still a bit upset about my flight being rescheduled. But, according to airport flight info, the original home-for-Christmas-Eve-dinner flight does not exist any more. I'm thrilled to get out of my crappy accomodation, thrilled to go back and see my family and my pets, thrilled that this means that officially I'll never be a med student again... and

a bit sad to leave England behind. I sort of like the place, you know.

Right. So my plane seems  to be leaving, my father is going to pick me up from the airport (as this seems to be more likely to succeed than me trying to ride the train home, as Dutch railways don't do well with European Winters. Now all I need is to get to the airport and keep my fingers crossed they don't weigh my hand luggage. (it's 13k, not 12 and not including my handbag). According to KLM I am allowed to take 23kg or 50lbs of check-in luggage (If they fuss, I'm going to fuss right back.) and I weighed my luggage at somewhere around 45lbs. I firmly believe they should not charge me for a few kg of overweight luggage because I myself am a bit of a lightweight and I don't think it's fair that the fat person next to me pays the same price for his ticket (and half of mine) as I pay for (the other half of) my seat.

Yes, I once spent an entire flight from Amsterdam to Johannesburg trying to squish a very fat arm and some side fat out of my seat. Not fair. For the record, that's 11+ hours.

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  1. I remember when flying was fun. Now it is no better than taking the bus and the people are rude. One of the companies did not even try to hide what riding a plane has become and called themselves AirBUS.

    It has become a game of watching who will be sitting next to you. Please let that skinny woman walking down the aisle sit by me, but no right behind her is a 150kg man with a sandwich in his hand. That's my new forced friend for the next few hours.
    I do like how some airlines are now charging obese people for two seats if they infringe on the other seats.