Friday, 10 December 2010

Doc B's tiny update.

Just... because.

1) I've finally (um, once again) won the battle with rolling veins when inserting cannulas. Really tiny victory really. But it was worth sticking mr Pale twice, since Green Cannula didn't like me and decided to get a knack into itself, sort of defying the purpose of venous access by occluding itself. Pink Cannula took a smooth journey into an equally rolling vein. Next up: the wigglys. Pink cannula was only used because the blonde doc was too lazy to go fetch a new green one.

2) My goal for tomorrow is to get up at 10:30. Quite a challenge if you're incapable of getting out of bed to begin with.

3)The aim is to work out a bit before late-day/evening shift, starting at 2pm. Quick run, predicted weather is 8 degrees C.

4) I actually attended a training on how to prescribe drugs in this NHS trust. Rum-tee-dum... I would have been happy with just an overview sheet. Considering my proximity to being an actual MD, I think I've had enough practice with writing prescriptions. But it was quite useful to learn that the lay out of a Controlled Drug prescription is slightly different than it is in Holland.

5) No more med student in T-14, as it has just become Friday. Ok, fair enough, and a 2 month holiday while I wait for my results to be uploaded and my diploma to be printed.

6) Pre-packed samies are not particularly delicious. They're functional.

7) Why does Blogger always show me random blogs of families I don't know or blogs written in languages I can't read?

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