Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I once read that pets have a positive effect on people and even prolong life. It allows for an improved quality of life for the elderly. Stroking your pet boosts your oxytocin/serotonin levels, making you feel better. I can't remember the exact resources, but it was all very scientific.

When I was in a rough spot, someone suggested I should get a pet. She saw me with a dog. Dogs require lots of time, which I don't have. Instead, I opted for something smaller. Walking them is easy: just open the cage door.

Through the years, they've given me more than I could imagine.

One of them is on my lap right now, warming a bit of my lap with his warm body.
They're almost always ready for cuddles.
They're excited when I come home.
They're a fuzzy bunch full of character and made me laugh more than once.
They're willing to clean your hands if they think you haven't done a good enough job (or if your hand lotion smells yummy)
They give lots of cuddles and some kisses.
They've amazed me with their intelligence.

I need no scientific proof: pets can make you happy.

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